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Implantable Cardiac Event Recorder

runner.jpgAn electrocardiogram, or EKG, is a diagnostic test that checks for issues concerning the electrical activity of your heart. It can be a useful tool for doctors, however it only records your heart activity at a specific moment in time. If you have an arrhythmia or other heart problem that is intermittent, having an EKG during an office appointment won’t provide your doctor the same type of information that an implantable cardiac recorder can.

The implantable cardiac event recorder is a fantastic tool to diagnose heart arrhythmias that only happen every so often. It also gives patients peace-of-mind, as physicians are able to capture specific cardiac events at the exact moment a patient is experiencing them.

What is an implantable cardiac event recorder?

The device is about the size of a USB drive. It is implanted under the skin on the left side of the chest and provides continuous monitoring and recording of heart activity for up to three years.

Implanting the device takes about half an hour and involves an incision of about an inch or less.